Best movie jason statham

Best movie jason statham

Best movie jason statham

Best movie jason statham British hard man Jason Statham has end up a family call and an worldwide movement big name. As a main guy, Statham has helmed a couple of movement franchises which includes the “Transporter,” “Mechanic,” and maximum currently the “Meg” series, for you to keep with its 2nd installment freeing in .

Statham is a key participant withinside the huge-call movement ensembles of the “Fast & Furious” and “Expendables” franchises, each of that are persevering with with “Fast X” and “Expendables 4” withinside the works.

Though he’s now a huge-call field workplace draw, Jason Statham did never observe the everyday film big name profession trajectory.

Before getting his begin as an actor, Statham led a substantially one-of-a-kind lifestyles, one that noticed him specializing in a profession in sports activities.

Football changed into a focus for Statham however tons extra outstanding changed into his profession as a expert diver.

He competed for numerous years and changed into even ranked because the 12th pleasant diver withinside the global at his peak, through the Mirror.

The global of expert sports activities is probably at the back of him, however Statham nevertheless often uses his awesome physicality on display in diverse roles.

This listing will have a look at all of Statham`s main film roles and rank them from worst to pleasant primarily based totally on their aggregated Rotten Tomatoes scores.

“In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” is Jason Statham’s lowest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes with the aid of using a quite considerable margin.

This fantasy, movement movie changed into left with a backside-of-the-barrel 4% rating after dozens of bad critic reviews. The tale follows Jason Statham as a person searching for revenge towards a race of evil creatures for killing his son and abducting his wife.

Ray Liotta co-stars as the primary villain, and the assisting solid additionally consists of the recognizable faces of Jonathan Rhys-Davies, Matthew Lillard, Ron Perlman, Claire Forlani, and Burt Reynolds.

The Razzies nominated “In the Name of the King” in 5 of its negative awards categories, which includes Worst Picture.

Uwe Boll gained the dishonor of Worst Director for the pairing of “In the Name of the King” and “Postal,” each of which had been launched in .

The call Uwe Boll is probably acquainted as he’s regularly noted as “The global’s worst director” and infamously challenged movie critics who derided his films to field him.

Best movie jason statham
Best movie jason statham

Four critics took up the challenge, and he knocked all of them out, through Cinemablend. Boll has completely directed rotten-rated films and is understood for his severa online game variations such as “House of the Dead,” “Alone withinside the Dark,” and “Bloodrayne.”

The aforementioned “Postal” and “In the Name of the King” also are primarily based totally on video games.

Anchor Bay Best movie jason statham

The thriller “thirteen” is some other extraordinarily low-rated film on the very backside of Jason Statham’s filmography.

Embarrassingly, “thirteen” could not even steady a critic rating of thirteen% on Rotten Tomatoes, rather touchdown under withinside the unmarried digits. The movie explores an underground playing ring that revolves across the doubtlessly lethal recreation of Russian Roulette.

Sam Riley stars because the protagonist in one in all his first starring roles, however the assisting solid is packed complete of larger names, which includes Jason Statham, Michael Shannon, Gabby Hoffman, Mickey Rourke, Emmanuelle Chriqui, David Zayaz, Ben Gazzara, Alexander Skarsgård, Ray Winstone, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

“thirteen” is genuinely a remake of a French movie from called “thirteen Tzameti.” The movie serves as an extraordinary instance of the authentic director returning to helm the remake as well.

Géla Babluani wrote and directed each variations of “thirteen,” however he changed into joined with the aid of using a co-write for the remake withinside the shape of Greg Pruss, who has now no longer written every other function films.

The authentic French movie changed into tons higher obtained with the aid of using critics and widespread audiences alike or even earned the coveted licensed clean badge on Rotten Tomatoes.

New Line Cinema Best movie jason statham

After getting his huge damage into appearing with a couple of Guy Ritchie films in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch,” Jason Statham’s 0.33 film changed into “Turn it Up.”

This crime drama is about withinside the street-degree hip-hop scene of Brooklyn, New York. Real-lifestyles musician and founding father of the Fugees, Pras Michel, stars as diamond, a rapper who aspires to break out his risky community and make it huge.

Fellow musician Ja Rule co-stars as Gage, Diamond’s near buddy and manager. Jason Statham performs an extraordinary antagonist position as Mr. B, a drug dealing gang boss who Diamond and Gage land up on the incorrect aspect of after stealing $100k.

“Turn it Up” locations an emphasis on reveling withinside the movement and violence of its crime factors over the drama of its characters, which caused many critics calling the movie shallow at pleasant and exploitative at worst.

Jessica Winters of The Village Voice criticized the “Turn it Up,” writing, “The staging and performances are awkward, the common shoot-outs a snore.”


“The One” showcases some other early position from Jason Statham earlier than he have become the worldwide main guy he’s today. This sci-fi movement movie unearths him gambling 2nd—or possibly 0.33—mess around to Jet Li in a couple of roles as each the hero and villain of the movie.

The plot consists of the idea of the multiverse, with one-of-a-kind variations of every body present in numerous universes simultaneously.

The evil model of Jet Li’s person is on a murderous rampage via the multiverse, killing each change model of himself that he can discover and soaking up their strength with the reason of turning into the unstoppable “The One.” Jason bestmovietowatch Statham and Delroy Lindo co-big name as Best movie jason statham

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