Best movie kitchens

Best movie kitchens

Best movie kitchens

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Best movie kitchens
Best movie kitchens


An Eighteen Nineties Farmhouse Gets a Purposefully Slow Rebuild

thirteen of the Best Movie Set Kitchens of All Time
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It’s formally awards season—the duration of iciness that falls after New Years, at some point of which everyone’s preferred sports consist of snuggling up, looking films, kindling fires, and the usage of TV applications as an excuse to throw a dinner/appetizer celebration on a weekday.

During this season of creature comforts, it is crucial to trap up on films, because the Academy Award winners could be introduced in .

Which had us musing approximately a number of preferred film units of all time, and extra particularly our favourite film set kitchens. (Fair warning: There’s a couple of Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron movies withinside the mix.)


Built on a hard and fast in Los Angeles (however set in a Victorian manse in New England), the kitchen in Practical Magic became bewitching. With black plank floors, sleek outsized tiling, and a hearth-like range wherein the cauldron might bubble away, it became best for a own circle of relatives of witches.

Babette’s Feast Best movie kitchens

Oscar-triumphing and G-rated, Babette’s Feast is the tale of a meal that transcends—and the prepare dinner dinner Babette whips it up in a dark, humble Danish kitchen it is as memorable because the meals.


In The Holiday, there are some appropriate kitchens—however the one in Kate Winslet’s compact Surrey cottage stole our hearts with white stone walls, a tiny range, powder-blue cabinets, and a fireplace. Yes, a fireplace!

It’s Complicated Best movie kitchens

Bright, uncluttered, and spacious, Meryl Streep’s kitchen in It’s Complicated is a California dream—from the manner it opens into the eating room to the marble-crowned desk it is used as a workspace.

You’ve Got Mail

Maybe it became Meg Ryan, or perhaps the glass French doors, or much more likely the manner she used an antique table with a lamp as greater counter area . Either manner, her New York City kitchen in You’ve Got Mail became the I-can-have-that sort of beautiful.


Accented in scarlet, sage, and marigold, the kitchen in Amelie receives us with the aid of using manner of nostalgia. It’s unfashionable in all of the proper ways, itty bitty, and with a massive window to undercover agent on passerbys.


The kitchen in Sabrina, wherein the servants put together meals for the Larrabee own circle of relatives and take their humbler meals, is bright, bustling, and expansive—and joyful sufficient to remind Audrey Hepburn that the grass may not simply be greener upstairs.

Julie & Julia

There are fantastic kitchens on this film—Julia Child’s residence in Cambridge and Julie Powell’s Queens condo—however we are going to need to award Julia’s because the winner, because it became meticulously recreated from photographs of her authentic area.

Rosemary’s Baby

In Roman Polanski’s mental mystery Rosemary’s Baby, the interiors of Mia Farrow’s New York City condo are vividly portrayed; the kitchen, with its mustardy appliances, moody glow, and subway tile walls, became disturbingly likable.

A Single Man

Set withinside the 60s and shot in large part in a domestic designed with the aid of using John Lautner in California, Tom Ford’s award triumphing A Single Man is remembered for the putting mid-century interiors—now no longer least of which became the ultra-evocative kitchen area.


With its sleek black and brass accents, tiled floor, and copper pots, the eating place kitchen in Ratatouille is as fine-tuned as its chefs.


The workspace in Vianne’s arguable chocolaterie is precisely how we might like our pied-a-terre to experience as soon as we discover one to break out to in France: an outsized farm desk for operating on, heat lighting, and open cabinets with the whole lot we need.

Gosford Park

The movie that stimulated the TV collection Downtown Abbey, Gosford Park is about in an English usa residence withinside the 1930s. The kitchen, all glistening subway tile and tall order, is a glamorous glimpse into servants’ domain names of that point and place.

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What are your preferred film kitchens? How lots of them are from Nancy Meyers films? Let us understand withinside the comments!

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