Best movie lines

Best movie lines

Best movie lines

Best movie lines To rejoice their hundredth anniversary, the American Film Institute ran a chain of packages beginning in 2005, discussing and honoring one hundred years of American cinema. As a part of the commemoration, the contributors they surveyed produced an all-big name listing of well-known fees from westerns, to crime thrillers, strugglefare movies, and extra. We`ve reproduced the listing below, in addition to including a few minutiaelities and amusing statistics approximately the selections.

Think you understand those fees (and their movies) inner and out? Try your hand at our Top one hundred Movie Quotes Quiz. Fair warning, though–this quiz is not easy.

The Top one hundred Best Movie Quotes

Frankly, my dear, I do not deliver a damn.” – Gone With the Wind, 1939
At the stop of the movie, Clark Gable’s man or woman Rhett Butler is leaving his wife, Scarlett. Scarlett asks what she’ll do with herself after he leaves–his reaction is that this famously harsh good-bye as he walks off into the night.

Top one hundred Movie Quotes

Don Vito Corleone, performed via way of means of Marlon Brando, is assuring his godson Johnny that he’s going to get him the film position he is after. When Johnny asks how he’s going to convince the director, Vito gives this as an explanation.Fun fact: According to IMDB, this scene has been referenced as much as one hundred fifty instances in different media. Fittingly, Brando received an Oscar for this performance  even though he declined it

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“You do not understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could’ve been somebody, as opposed to a bum, that’s what I am.” – On the Waterfront, Marlon Brando performs a dockworker who misplaced out on a profession as a prize fighter after his brother satisfied him to throw a fight. This little sorrowful snippet describes the spiral his existence has been in since.

Think you are a film buff? Best movie lines

“Toto, I’ve were given a sense we are now no longer in Kansas anymore.” – The Wizard of Oz, 1939
This film quote is introduced via way of means of heroine Dorothy after she reveals herself whisked away to the fantastical land of Oz.
Fun fact: This film quote is perhaps misquoted extra frequently than it’s miles quoted correctly. Most human beings drop the “I’ve were given a sense” from the line.

“Here’s searching at you, kid.”

Humphrey Bogart says this well-known quote 4 instances over the route of the movie.
Fun fact: this line wasn’t withinside the unique screenplay, however changed into brought because of a communication among Bogart and co-big name Ingrid Bergman.

“Go ahead, make my day.

This line, introduced via way of means of Clint Eastwood on the begin of the movie, encapsulates the machismo of Dirty Harry. Harry is taunting a robber with a hostage, hoping the robber will deliver him a justification for Harry to shoot him.

 I’m geared up for my close-up.”

This line is introduced via way of means of Gloria Swanson on the stop of the film, as her man or woman hallucinates and errors crime scene journalists for the movie team of a film.

“May the Force be with you.”

This catchphrase has end up a popular culture staple, after many specific characters say it to want each other precise fortune.

“Fasten your seatbelts.

It’s going to be a bumpy night.” – All About Eve,Bette Davis gives this promise of an eventful nightina celebration scene that capabilities a then-unknown Marilyn Monroe.

“You speaking to me?”  Best movie lines

In this scene Robert De Niro’s Travis Bickle imagines an altercation that could deliver him an excuse to attract his gun, introduced with trademark panache.
Fun fact: De Niro improvised this line. The script most effective stated “Travis speaks to himself withinside the mirror” so De Niro took a few liberties and changed into in the long run successful.

Best movie lines
Best movie lines

“What we have got came is failure to communicate

This line is spoken two times withinside the film, the primary time via way of means of Strother Martin as a merciless warden, and the second one as a mocking echo via way of means of lead Paul Newman.

“I love the scent of napalm withinside the morning

This line is introduced via way of means of Robert Duvall as Colonel Kilgore, rapidly after he has a seaside bombed to clean out the Viet Cong (in component so he can pass surfing).
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“Love approach by no means having to mention you are sorry

Jennifer Cavalleri’s man or woman offers this line after an altercation among her and the male lead.
Fun fact: Two years later Ryan O’Neal will listen this line once more withinside the movie What’s Up Doc whilst Barbara Streisand says it to his man or woman and respond, “That’s the dumbest issue I’ve ever heard bestmovietowatch.” Best movie lines

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